New naming conventions for single-origin coffee brands

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New naming conventions for single-origin coffee brands



The World of Coffee 001

In February 2017, Maruyama Coffee began using new naming conventions for its single-origin coffee brands. Instead of listing a brand’s country of origin, farm, cultivar, and production process (the old format), we now use the grower’s name as the primary brand identifier.

Old format: Costa Rica – Los Angeles – Red Catuai
New format: Calderón(Grower’s name) – Red Catuai

There’s no easy way to categorize the tastes and aromas of coffee.
Attributes like country of origin and cultivar, for example, are too far-reaching to be accurate labels.Uniformity is rare in the coffee world. Even the beans from the same farm can have different aromas depending on which individual plots they come from or which processing methods the growers use.Behind every bean, there’s a special vision, a special approach, and a special technique. Coffee is a work of growers—the crafters of one-of-a-kind creations.

Maruyama Coffee spends more than 150 days a year visiting coffee farms around the world. On our tours, we stroll through farms, pick coffee cherries, talk with the growers, and sample the fruits of their labor: delicious, expertly crafted coffee. The new naming conventions reflect the personal, human nature of those partnerships and express our respect for the growers, who put their hearts and souls into producing extraordinary beans.

Every coffee farm has its own, unique natural environment. Every grower has a distinct philosophy. Every production technique creates different flavors.
For us, it’s important that our customers get a glimpse of that individuality. We hope that the new naming format will help you enjoy the rich diversity of our coffee like never before.

丸山珈琲では、2017 年2 月から、シングルオリジンコーヒーの銘柄を、従来からの[ 国・農園・品種・生産処理 ]といった表記ルールではなく、生産者の名前を主とした表記へと順次切り替えています。

旧表記 コスタリカ・ロス・アンヘレス・レッドカトゥアイ
新表記 カルデロン(生産者) レッドカトゥアイ


丸山珈琲は、年間150 日以上を生産者訪問に費やしています。