Why are so many Maruyama Coffee beans medium roast?

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Why are so many Maruyama Coffee beans medium roast?



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What’s your favorite roast? Dark? Medium? Light?
The roasting process has a big impact on how coffee tastes,
with varying levels of heat shaping the chemical reactions that
give raw coffee beans their different flavors and aromas.

Lighter roasts are normally more acidic,
and darker roasts tend to bring bitter tones into the foreground.
That said, there’s no specific roasting style that works perfectly for beans of all kinds.
Every coffee bean has its own distinct personality;
some work best in light roasts, and others shine in dark roasts.
If you’re trying to tap into the full potential of a certain bean variety,
it all depends on how you roast it.

Coffee shops have different philosophies on the roasting process,a piece of the puzzle that can inspire a wide range of approaches.Take a look at our Beans Menu, and you’ll see that we use the medium-roast style for almost all of our single-origin beans.
For those beans, the medium-roast approach is the best showcase for their unique, innate qualities.All the beans we buy are bursting with potential, eminently distinctive in their flavors and aromas.
To bring that individual charm into the spotlight, we’ve determined that medium roasting is the way to go.
“Medium roast” is just a broad category, though; we fine-tune our roasting temperatures by the degree depending on the bean.
It’s a meticulous approach, but it’s all part of our dedication to delivering the perfect results.

Here’s something you might not have known: fresh-roasted coffee beans smell great,
but they actually taste even better a few days later.
Right after the roasting process is complete, the beans emit high levels of carbon dioxide—
and that’s a chemical reaction that can interfere with extraction.
Brewing the beans three to five days after roasting helps avoid that excess gas and makes for better-tasting results.



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