How do baristas compete?

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How do baristas compete?



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“Barista champion”—it’s a phrase you might’ve heard before
But how do baristas become “champions,” anyway? How do they compete?

The winner of the annual Japan Barista Championship (JBC) earns a spot in the World Barista Championship (WBC), where competitors have to make four servings of three different drink types within a given time limit.
The judging takes virtually everything into consideration: how the coffee tastes, how the barista crafts the presentation, and even how correctly the barista goes about each task.

The three drink types are “espresso,” “milk beverage,”and “signature beverage”—an original drink made with espresso.
As its name suggests, the “signature beverage” essentially amounts to each competing barista’s signature:a distinctive expression of the barista’s unique passion, inspiration, and creativity.

The key factors underlying the presentation component are why the baristas chose their particular beans and what they’re trying to say through their respective drinks.
By competing against their peers and grappling with those fundamental questions, then,
baristas can hone their techniques and gain a deeper understanding of their craft.

Our baristas at Maruyama Coffee take part in the JBC and other competitions year in and year out. Placing high in the rankings is obviously a big goal, but it’s not everything. The real value of the competition lies in helping baristas develop and grow into “coffee messengers,”
effective communicators of delicious, indelible experiences.


日本では毎年「Japan Barista Championship(JBC)」が開催され、そこで優勝した日本チャンピオンは、「World Barista Championship(WBC)」の出場権を得ます。