Why does Maruyama Coffee buy COE beans?

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Why does Maruyama Coffee buy COE beans?



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The Cup of Excellence (COE) is a tasting event that awards
prizes to the highest-quality beans from farms in a specific country.
The winning coffees go up for auction, and Maruyama Coffee has regularly landed premier-quality beans either on its own or through joint bids.
On occasion, we’ve even set new COE records for the highest winning-bid prices in the history of the auction.

Why do we feel such a need to get our hands on COE-winning coffee?
It’s not just because the coffees are epiphanies of great taste—it’s also because we get to meet wonderful growers.

Upon buying COE-winning beans, Kentaro Maruyama always goes to visit the grower.
The encounter with the championship grower is just step one, however.
Farms that produce the kind of quality worthy of COE distinction often operate in ideal natural conditions for growing coffee. There’s a good chance, then, that the surrounding community is home to even more great farms. COE-champion growers are dedicated artisans, too, never letting up in their pursuit of better coffee.
Meet one, and chances are you’ll be able to make new connections with like-minded farmers. Winning COE beans and meeting the growers makes it possible to cultivate
an even broader network of trusted growers with high-quality products.

COE competitions make it possible to forge strong links with growers, connections that represent invaluable assets for us at Maruyama Coffee.