Why we use French presses

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Why we use French presses



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For first-time customers, the Maruyama Coffee approach can come as a bit of a surprise. “Why do you use a French Press?” they ask. “I was expecting a coffee dripper.”
The confusion is understandable. We actually started out with drippers and maintained the same approach until 2003, when we switched over to the French press style. The move might have raised some eyebrows, but there was a reason for the shift: A commitment to maximizing the quality of our products and accentuating the unique personalities of our beans.

People in Japan tend to associate French presses with black tea. Originally, however, the devices were for brewing coffee. While the drip technique filters coffee through paper or cloth, a French press uses a metal filter that allows the beans to retain their aromatic, flavorful oils. The rich tastes of French press coffee also come from the device’s design, which keeps the coffee steeped in hot water for around four minutes.

The differences are evident in how French press coffee looks, too. The surface shows traces of oil, while the color of the coffee has a cloudy quality—proof that the brew is full to the brim with the natural tastes of the beans.
At Maruyama Coffee, we use high-quality, pure-tasting beans with profound personalities.
We want our customers to encounter that rich individuality in full, unadulterated form, without any outside interference affecting the experience. That’s why we use French presses.

The extraction process, elegant in its simplicity, is yet another captivating facet of the French press technique—the perfect approach for anyone looking to relish the fantastic flavors of specialty coffee in the comfort of home.