In the mood for something light and bright? 
Try a cup of fragrant siphon coffee!

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In the mood for something light and bright?
Try a cup of fragrant siphon coffee!



The World of Coffee 022

You might’ve heard of siphoned coffee, a unique type of brewing, but you probably didn’t know that it’s just as amazing to drink as it is interesting to watch being extracted.
Siphoned coffee is one of our latest big focus areas at Maruyama Coffee, where our palette of tastes and styles goes beyond the French-press brews that we’re known for.
The first coffee that founder Kentarō Maruyama ever served as a professional was a siphoned brew, in fact.

What makes siphoned coffee unique is its quick, high-temperature extraction process.
The approach helps the bean oils seep out, making the coffee more fragrant and flavorful.
It’s the perfect extraction technique for high-quality specialty coffees, especially:
siphoning accentuates the rich flavors, refined acidity, and pleasant notes of sweetness of specialty brews to wonderful effect.

As of April 2019, Maruyama Coffee serves siphon coffee at five locations.
If you ever have the chance, stop by and try some light, refreshing siphon coffee for yourself!
- MIDORI Nagano Store: Always available
- Matsumoto Store: Always available
- Omotesando Single Origin Store: Always available
- Karuizawa Main Store: Available from 10:00 to 18:00 (Friday–Monday only) ※ Expected to end on April 22
- Nishiazabu Store: Available from 13:00 to 20:00 (Available on occasion)



・MIDORI長野店 常時
・松本店     常時
・表参道店    常時
・軽井沢本店   10:00~18:00(金土日月 限定)※4月22日終売予定
・西麻布店    13:00-20:00(不定期)