Step into the world of combination coffee and 
enjoy a taste of fun-filled freedom!

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Step into the world of combination coffee and
enjoy a taste of fun-filled freedom!



The World of Coffee 023

“Combination coffee” might sound hard or intimidating to some people.
It’s easier than it seems, though, and it’s definitely nothing too out of the ordinary: café au lait—that a classic standby—is a type of combination coffee, after all.

It’s a world of creativity out there: you can shake your coffee for a different texture, for example, or turn it into a drinkable “dessert” with ingredients like jam or honey.
The possibilities are pretty much endless.

If you’re new to making combination coffee, chocolate and citrus are good flavor elements to start with.
Say you’ve got some coffee beans with notes of chocolate in the taste profile. Add some chocolate for an extra accent.
The same goes for citrusy coffee—a little dash of orange or lemon brings out the flavor even more.
When you complement the distinctive tastes of your beans with ingredients along the same flavor lines, you get a richer experience.
You can even make the same recipe with a different brand of coffee for a new take on the flavor combination.

Maruyama Coffee is proud to serve combination coffees on a seasonal basis. Stop in, try one for yourself, and enjoy the palate-wowing discoveries that await!