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Coffee and curry



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“Indian curry” is a broad generalization.
Curries from the north and curries from the south are actually quite a bit different.

In the north, you’ll tend to find thick, rich curries. The most common drink of choice is chai (tea), that famous concoction of tea, boiled milk, and spices.

Head south, into India’s traditional coffee-growing region, and you’ll come across a selection of lighter, soupier vegetable curries.
The spice blends are unique and complex, too, mixing taste sensations ranging from hot to sweet, savory, sour, and bitter.

South Indian curry delivers a taste palette that goes perfectly with the rich flavors of Indian coffee. If you go to a restaurant down south, chances are the waitstaff will bring you coffee—not tea—by default.
Indian people know their curry, and coffee is their standard drink pairing.

In Japan, South Indian restaurants are starting to sprout up and take their place alongside the many restaurants in the long-dominant North Indian mold.That added variety is just creating more opportunities to explore new tastes. Don’t miss the chance to try South Indian curry with coffee—you won’t regret it!