A message in a cup

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A message in a cup



The World of Coffee 003

What do you think a barista does? Make delicious espresso? Create latte art?
Sure—but those are just two small facets of the job.
At Maruyama Coffee, baristas are messengers: Specialists in conveying the heart and soul of coffee.

Every cup of coffee is a group effort, uniting a wide variety of people.
From the grower to the buyer, carrier, and roaster, there’s a chain of professionals with the same vision: creating delicious coffee. Every link needs to hold firm to make that goal a reality—and for the final link in the chain, someone has to capture the vision in a cup of coffee.
That’s what a barista does.

Being a barista has an artisanal, technical side, of course, but the main focus is on serving customers. Why do baristas train so hard and work constantly to refine their skills? It’s all because those painstaking techniques let them brew great coffee for their patrons, impart the unique stories behind different bean blends, and welcome customers into the amazing world of coffee. Good technique sends a clearer message.

So—what are you supposed to do with your message from the barista? Simple.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy your cup of coffee.