Interested in exploring the world of coffee?
Be part of a coffee seminar!

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Interested in exploring the world of coffee?
Be part of a coffee seminar!



The World of Coffee 030

If you’re a coffee drinker, you might be looking for ways to enrich your at-home coffee experiences.Maruyama Coffee has you covered. Our selection of coffee seminars can guide you through the world of coffee from a variety of different angles. To get started on that exploration, you might want to try a “Cupping Workshop”—an easy, casual tutorial on getting more out of coffee.

“Cupping” is the practice by which coffee specialists evaluate beans to make purchasing decisions and other assessments.It’s not as complicated as it might sound, though.Mostly, it’s about learning how to put impressions into words.At Maruyama Coffee’s Cupping Workshops, participants sample coffees and try out different ways of verbalizing their impressions of flavors, aromas, and experiences. Every gathering features a diverse mix of different brands, as well, making the seminar a great place to taste the distinctive qualities of different beans.

The more you know about coffee and stretch your sensory palette, the more you’ll be able to relish the coffee experiences you create at home.
Check out the website below for more information on Cupping Workshops and other coffee seminars.