Coffee is 98% water.
Go with a proven standard.

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Coffee is 98% water.
Go with a proven standard.



The World of Coffee 005

When customers contact us about our products, we always listen.
“I bought a package of my favorite Maruyama Coffee beans,” one customer told us, “but they don’t taste the same when I make a batch at home.”
We needed to know why.
First off, we wanted to make sure there was nothing wrong with the beans.
We had the customer send the beans back for a tasting, but we couldn’t find any problems in the product—the roast was perfectly fine, as was the quality of the beans. There was nothing wrong with how the customer had brewed the beans, either.
After eliminating a wide variety of possible causes, we finally located the source of the problem: the water.
Our customers weren’t the only ones picking up on the differences.
We’d been noticing some taste variation among our different store locations, too.
We knew that we had to get our water from a source that could help our coffee live up to its full potential.
Enlisting the help of water experts, we held meeting after meeting
and taste-tested over 60 types of spring water from across the country
until we found our perfect match: water from Azumino, a city in Nagano Prefecture.
Water is the basis of any cup of coffee.
Enjoy your Maruyama Coffee the way we envision it to taste:
with water that brings out all the delicate aromas of the beans as faithfully as possible.
That’s exactly what “Maruyama Coffee Standard Water” does.

Maruyama Coffee Standard Water