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"Explore the “aroma map.”



The World of Coffee 006

What makes single-origin coffee so amazing?
The aromas that give every individual brand its unique personality. If you go to a competition like the Cup of Excellence, you’ll find a flavor wheel: a “map” of over 80 aromas, laying out a landscape of distinct coffee scents.

Navigating the map isn’t for novice adventurers, though.
Only experienced tasters and baristas have the sensitivity it takes to tell aromas apart—especially when there’s just a fine line distinguishing one from the other. At Maruyama Coffee, we don’t want those aroma adventures to be off-limits.
We’re doing our part to let everyone, coffee aficionado or not, explore the aroma map.

When you take a sip of coffee and set off on your quest, the important thing is
not to go searching for that specific aroma right away—it’s a process. First, you focus on the basic taste. Is it fruity? Floral? Nutty?
Find the right aroma “continent” to explore. Once you’ve found the general area, it’s easier to track to your final destination. If you’re looking for a fruity aroma, for example, your next step might be to take another sip and see if it’s citrusy. From there, you could pinpoint hints of lemon.

After you’ve gotten familiar with the map, you’ll find yourself more attuned to the aromas and more versed in the flavor vocabulary. Most of all, though, you’ll be able to enjoy single-origin coffee like never before. Why not start exploring today?