The Cup of Excellence:
A taste of the world’s best coffee

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The Cup of Excellence:
A taste of the world’s best coffee



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If you’re ever having trouble deciding which coffee to order, peek at the brand list inside and go for one with a cup logo by the name. That’s the mark of a premium-quality coffee—a Cup of Excellence (COE) winner.

The COE competition awards prizes to the highest-quality coffee lots in each country of origin.
An international jury of expert judges cup the entries, tasting each lot with the kind of delicate, nuanced sensibilities that sommeliers use to appraise wine. If the taste and smell scores total 87 or higher, the lot earn the “Cup of Excellence” distinction.

One of the more distinctive features of the COE is that the winning lots go up for online auction, where buyers from across the world get the chance to bid on the best lots of the year.
The system, which ensures that high-quality beans get both the recognition and fair price points they deserve, continues to fuel growers’ motivation, foster deeper knowledge of cultivation methods, and bring the world’s wide variety of specialty coffees to a whole new echelon of quality.

At Maruyama Coffee, we know the COE competition inside and out: Kentaro Maruyama has served on the international jury more than any other judge, and we’ve won a whopping 60 bids (either alone or with partners) out of 133 COE-champion lots.
Don’t just take our word for it, though—try the best of the very best today. With the kinds of flavors and aromas they deliver, you’ll be glad you did.




丸山健太郎はCOEに世界で最も多く参加している国際審査員であり、丸山珈琲は過去134回のCOEで1位の豆を61回 共同または単独で落札しています。