Want some coffee with that?
Of course.

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Want some coffee with that?
Of course.



The World of Coffee 008

How do you drink your coffee at home?
A cup after a meal is a tried-and-true tradition, but pairing your coffee with your food-like wine with a meal - can be an eye-opening, mouth-watering experience, too.

Pairing is all about playing the matchmaker: bringing coffee together with food to see how the two enhance one another, creating taste experiences that you can’t get from just one or the other by itself. The aromas and flavors resonate into something that’s more than the sum of its parts: 1 + 1 can be 3 or even 4 when the coupling strikes a harmonious chord.

The key to a perfect pairing lies in combining compatible aromas and similar elements.
Having a citrusy cake? Try it with a serving of tart, citrusy coffee. Prefer a spicy serving of curry bread? A spice-rich coffee can bring out the zip. Soba gets even better with a grainy coffee, and the sweet flavorings of tripe stew take on a new dimension with a cup of sweet caramely coffee.

With all the different dishes and coffees out there the possibilities for pairings-and the unique flavors they create-are endless.
You’re the matchmaker. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Find a pairing to call your very own a combination that forms a special synergy of coffee and food.