Taste the very best Costa Rica has to offer:
The 50lbs. Elite Coffee Project

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Taste the very best Costa Rica has to offer:
The 50lbs. Elite Coffee Project

50lbs. Elite Coffee Project


The World of Coffee 009

Juan Ramon, the star of month’s “Dear Grower #10,” isn’t just the originator of the “honey process”— he’s also the founder of Exclusive Coffees, an exporter of specialty blends.
In 2016, Exclusive Coffees launched an exciting initiative: the “50lbs. Elite Coffee Project.”

The goal of the project is to improve growing techniques, hone production, and stay in relentless pursuit of the ultimate in quality by transforming the finest cultivars into distinct, unique flavors through different takes on production methods and keeping close track of everything—when growers harvest which cultivars and how they process and dry the beans—with extensive records.

To get a spot in the 50lbs. Elite Coffees lineup, a coffee has to score 88 points
in tastings by the QA staffs at Exclusive Coffees
and guarantee complete traceability.

While the bulk of the coffee trade happens by bags weighing about 130 to 155 pounds (60 to 70 kg), the project keeps its lots to just 50 pounds (roughly 22.6 kg) and vacuum-seals every shipment for maximum freshness. It’s elite treatment for elite beans.

Now’s your chance to taste the eye-opening possibilities of Costa Rica’s very best beans,
available exclusively from Maruyama Coffee in Japan.

Dear Grower #10でご紹介しているファン・ラモンさんは、スペシャルティコーヒーに特化した輸出業者であるエクスクルーシブコーヒーの創設者のひとりでもあります。
そのエクスクルーシブコーヒーが「50lbs. Elite Coffee Project(50パウンズ・エリート・コーヒー・プロジェクト)」というプロジェクトを2016年から始めました。