MARUYAMA COFFEE Omotesando Single Origin Store

2017.9.23[Sat] Open!

Coffee embarks on a long journey to arrive in your cup, a journey which begins in a field. Here the coffee plant soaks in the sun’s rays, its leaves sway in the breeze, its stem and branches endure the nightly chill, and its roots draw life from the soil to grow the bean. Coffee is alive, and fiercely individual. Go to a different country, region, terrain, elevation, climate, even field, and you’ll find a different coffee. No bean is born with the same view, and it is these differences which give each bean its character. The growers, caretakers of the beans, must know when to battle nature and when to follow its lead, ensuring that every ounce of their passion is poured into polishing their beans’ character. They are single-minded, innovative, and utterly uninhibited in their dedication to cultivating the ultimate bean. There is no one correct answer. Each grower follows the methods and ideas they believe best, which is why a coffee’s flavor and characteristics depend entirely on where, by whom, and in what way it was grown. It is also why Maruyama Coffee travels to those fields and talks with the growers to find, together, a singular taste capable of expressing the flavor of the field and the grower’s passion in a single cup. Coffee’s final destination is you. Its life becomes the flavor that fills you from head to toe, its richness an invitation: Take another sip. Embark on your journey. Discover coffee.