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Luis Ernesto Urrutia
Monte Sion


El Salvador

Dear Growers 018

I’m on trips to coffee farms six months out of the year. Why? Who knows—I honestly don’t have any good explanation. Ever since I entered the specialty coffee business, I’ve been visiting more and more farms. It’s hard to pinpoint the reasons, but my connection with Luis Ernesto Urrutia testifies to one thing that keeps me globetrotting: getting firsthand, personal insight into the ideas and beliefs that give growers their sense of mission.

Dear Grower 018

01 / 05

When I was just getting started, a mentor of mine me to farms to do business with. He didn’t overcomplicate things; the only advice he gave me about forming relationships was to “associate yourself with decent people.” When it comes to choosing farms to partner with, he told me, the taste of the coffee isn’t all that matters—the grower’s personality is another factor that can make just as big a difference. I was curious about who my mentor would recommend, considering that he’dobviously refer me to someone who fit the bill. It turned out to be Luis Ernesto Urrutia, Maruyama Coffee’s longest-running partner.

Dear Grower 018

02 / 05

Luis runs quite a few coffee farms, one of which is the Monte Sion operation. He’s got his plate full with more than just coffee, though; coming from a long line of doctors, he’s also an active player in the medical field. Calling him successful would be an understatement, I’d say, but he balances it all out with incredible humility and a deep sense of obligation. A devout Christian from a family of devout Christians, Luis not only makes delicious coffee but also goes the extra mile to make sure that the farm’s workers—and their families, too—are taken care of. From building and running child-care facilities to giving his employees’ kids access to quality eye and dental care via his personal connections with doctors, he weaves a spirit of humble service into everything he does. The amazing thing is that it’s nothing special to him—it’s second nature, born of his character.

Dear Grower 018

03 / 05

Back in 2005, I heard that Luis held an annual Christmas party for his workers and their kids—as many as 300 people in total. Thinking that I might be able to help out a bit with the costs of such a massive celebration, yet another display of Luis’s commitment to others, I joined up with a group of fellow buyers to make a 120,000-yen donation toward the event expenses. “Thank you so much for the gift,” he said, with his trademark graciousness. I grinned, happy that I’d been able to help, but then I read the next sentence: “I’ll be using it as a scholarship fund.” My initial surprise gave way to a bit of doubt about whether 120,000 yen would be enough for a scholarship fund, but it apparently sent more than 10 kids to school—a precious opportunity in El Salvador, where some children can’t even get compulsory education.

Dear Grower 018

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He puts his heart into everything, always thinking about what he can do for his workers and his community. It’s impossible not to respect him. With Luis giving so much of himself to making sure that his employees can thrive at work and live comfortably at home, the great conditions at the farm make for exquisite coffee quality. It’s not just a business ploy to get the most out of his workforce; he’s not just going for “win-win” scheme. He’s a genuinely decent person, kind and warm and positive through and through. It’s an extension of his personality. Now you can see why I love to visit him—and why we’ve been partners for so long. I remember the afternoons at Monte Sion, the sunlight tricking through the leaves in flashes of beauty. It’s an image that’s embedded in my memory, an enduring reminder of Luis’s warm, ever-giving heart.

Dear Grower 018

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Monte Sion


  • Country

    El Salvador

  • Region

    Cerro Cachio, Apaneca Mountain Range

  • Grower

    Luis Ernesto Urrutia

  • Altitude

    1,250 - 1,500m

  • Land area


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    アパネカ山脈 セロ・カチオ山

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    1,250 - 1,500m

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ハイメ・カルデナス ビジャサルチ レッドハニー

Apricot, Cherry, Brown Sugar. Creamy mouthfeel with a well balanced taste.(Medium Roast)


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